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Linked in the air

Linked in the air

Plane Travel.  Friggin nightmare to most, especially the business traveler. I’ve always said that the airline should have smaller planes on some routes that only allow frequent flyers.  These are the people that know how to board, put stuff away, have memorized the safety instructions and are there to get things done and have the flight over as soon as they can. Add some serious wifi (sorry, gogoinflight, you’re not good enough) and put in phone booths where people can make calls and get things done. Raise the price, give decent food to everyone, free oft drinks and a reasonable price for good wine and beer. For better in air work time, require that if you are right handed and you are going to work, you sit in a C or F seat and the lefties place themselves in D or A.  If you’re not going to work, B and E works in the middle seat.  Also, make that middle seat separate.  Have arms rests for both people. Now,...

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