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-$1,188,103.00 Last 30 Days

-$1,188,103.00 Last 30 Days

Yes.  I do think I am the Bernie Saunders of the real estate/mortgage industry. For those new to my prose, I like to tell what I think, feel and see in the market based on a combination of gut and numbers. Sometimes the numbers talk to me and sometimes the brain just feels that something is going to happen. I just let it come out and I enjoy doing it that way. And now to today…….. I’ve seen the basic plateau of the market for about 9 months and now I see my first real proof that people have said, ENOUGH and real estate prices will begin to drop. Here is how it starts. This chart on a home on the Upper East Side of New York’s value decline. The example is a premier townhome. Because of the events of the last year or so beginning with the collapse of oil prices and the Chinese economic slide, we have seen the lessening of spending by those that have had...

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