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Tonight is a very special night

Tonight is a very special night

In my recent incarceration of ice hockey goalying began around 2000. Back pain, leg bruises, stiff necks and most importantly the game that is too fast for me on an ongoing basis have brought the decision that I have played tonight, my last team scheduled game in net. I will still be around If a team is desperate and needs a goalie now and then It’s been a great run. I’ve loved and looked forward to it. I played teams that ran the gamut of great and terrible, but I always had a good group of people that I played with. I appreciate the family atmosphere in the locker rooms, The times in the locker rooms busting chops and learning about other people and cultures was fascinated. I respect and admire each and everyone I’ve been playing with since back in the Wharton Wildmen teams like Smell the Glove and Hockey Bukkake to name a few. Then after 2 championships, multiple games in the Cheesesteak Chalice, goaltending in Van...

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