The 2016 Presidential Election Began Today

If you are a Democrat or Republican election freak, I am sure you’ve been waiting for the new, most divisive issue that can shape the election.

Your wait is over.

Simply put, the most highly coveted voters: Suburban Moderates are now siding one way or the other on this issue.  This is the national issue that will last and last and last.  It’s what privacy laws were to the last 15 years, the new separator is religion.

There is so much money around the world that controls religion. It’s sick.  Now, they are the organizations that will be spending money to sway the votes.

It could get crazy.  We could have friends turn against friends, family could turn against family. Or, it could unite under one solution or the other (not likely).

So, enjoy the comedy that will come off of it. Conan, John Oliver, Keith Olberman in addition to FoxNows and PMSNBC.


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