West Philadelphia Gets a Lending Library — For Shop Tools

by KYW 1060 AM in Philadelphia’s Lauren Lipton<br /><br />Several cities around the country have one, and now Philadelphia does, too. The West Philly Tool Library, at 4620 Woodland Avenue, is open every Saturday morning. <br /><br />Stacey Hendricks (second from right, holding mallet) is volunteer coordinator at the nonprofit, all-volunteer tool library:<br /><br />”We tried to get things that appeal to everybody: drywall/sheetrock finishing tools. We have gardening tools, and much more.”<br /><br />Hendricks says that for $20 a year you can borrow any tool that you might need, instead of buying it or renting it for big bucks.<br /><br />”If somebody asked for a torque wrench, we’d purchase one.”<br /><br />And a steady stream of people came in on the Saturday I visited.<br /><br />(Resident #1:) “I’ve got to go through the brick, so the hammer drill might be a good way to go.”<br /><br />(Resident Teddy Garfield:) “I borrowed a sander and a saw–it’s called a circular saw. I was doing my cabinets over.”<br /><br />Teddy Garfield says all these community projects make a big difference:<br /><br />”The neighborhood’s coming a long way.”<br /><br />Neighborhood resident Kathleen O’Donnell builds boats and furniture:<br /><br />”I’m here to join. There are probably some things that I don’t have, but also I think it’s a great idea and I want to support it for the whole community.”<br /><br />(Hendricks:) “Philly’s had some down times. It’s time to get ourselves up by our bootstraps. It’s a lot harder to commit a violent crime against somebody who has helped you out.”<br /><br />The tool library is open to everyone, and could use your help. For more information go to www.westphillytools.org.

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