The New Market

After 2 of my buyers losing 4 houses in the last couple of weeks, I have concluded that the Buyer’s market is coming to an end.<br /><br />The overpriced homes have come down in price and the good house priced reasonably in good condition are matching up to qualified buyers. <br /><br />It seems that are still a lot of good buyers out there that have decided that waiting does not make sense when they see what they want. Sellers are taking the advice of their REALTORS(R)and have made repairs and cleaned up properties to make them attractive.<br /><br />Rates are only .75% above the lows of a couple of years ago and there are more of a variety of products. (I abhor the 1% option arms for just about anyone….don’t get me started!).<br /><br />My best advice is don’t wait a week to see a new listing. If you see something you like, go view it, evaluate it and put a bid on it!

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