Sex and Real Estate

WARNING- Ok, here’s one of those non-traditional real estate blog posts that upper management at one of the biggies with a single bright color would have their blackberries go over-ripe.<br /><br />Enjoy.<br /><br />I want to know secretly how many buyers actually look through houses they want to buy and think about sex?<br /><br />Where do the people that live here know do it?  Is the bed set up that way for something kinky?<br /><br />Wow, that shower can fit a lot of people!<br /><br />How am I going to set this up so the light doesn’t hit us while we’re schmooching all night.<br /><br />Now, out of the bedroom.  Have you measured how high the kitchen cabinets are compared to her height?  Where is the sofa going to go and what should I cover it with?<br /><br />Wow, the questions keep coming.  The last and most important will be, is my/our sex life be better in one place rather than another?<br /><br />Yes, as an agent that has had sex in different houses, I can help.  We can talk about lighting, layout, privacy or lack of it.  Get the picture.<br /><br />Call me.  Let’s do house sex!<br /><br /><br />

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