Killed by an appraisal?

You as a consumer want to buy and house, but the property won’t appraise because the last house sold went for so little money.<br /><br />But, the conditions of the sale and the position of the Seller’s desperation and the condition of the property are not taken into consideration for your sale.<br /><br />The multiple listing services need to improve the details from the sale and the appraisers have to be better informed. <br /><br />There are ways to solve these issues in addition to the MLS changing their ways. Why not require interior pictures on MLS for each property. Have the listing agent (after the close) fill out a form to indicate the sale situation that would only be visable to appraisers so that they can determine real value of the next property.<br /><br />They are currently, unknowingly, comping junk with gold. This is killing some good deals from great buyers. It is a terrible spiral that the entire real estate community and the public needs to start screaming about!

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