Ideas to get people working!

The page has been turned, the transition has been completed, there’s a new Sheriff in town, we’ve turned over a new leaf. <br /><br />However you want to put it, it’s now time to press forward to reinvigorate the economy. <br /><br />First, let’s put people to work. Here’s some ideas that won’t cost you money!<br /><br />1. If you have a company that has a new full time job, how about hiring 2 people part time?<br /><br />2. How about hiring someone to sell your stuff on eBay on a commission?<br /><br />3. Barter with someone exchanging time to for and promise to network for each other after completion!<br /><br />4. Volunteer for a company that is busy for a week to see if they hire you. ideas are mortgage brokers, appraisers, real estate management companies. Just walk in the door and blow people’s doors in by being willing to help and learn without getting paid for a week. If you don’t have a job now, what’s the problem with that!<br /><br />Good luck to everyone!

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