I Name the Economy!

I have it.<br /><br />The Official Name of the 2008-? economy.<br /><br />We know the late 90’s had the computer/internet boom and the mid 00 decade was the time of mortgage and real estate fraud.<br /><br />Now that we have a cleaned and regulated (some say over-regulated) period where the hucksters have all gone somewhere else or have tried another way to rip people off.<br /><br />So, who is left?  The people that are smart, have been in it for a long time…yes, the honest people.<br /><br />So, we are now in (drum roll please…..) The Honest Economy!<br /><br /><br />You know the time when good old fashion work, intelligent underwriting……oh wait a second.  I had a 35% loan to value rejected because the income ratio was 46%, not 45%.<br /><br />How about the Honest Stupid Economy?

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