FreddieFannieMacMae or Nothing

FNMA and FHLMC are not doing well.<br /><br />The government is trying to bail them out. They are getting tighter with loans so that no one will get a loan from them.<br /><br />The state of underwriting is ridiculous.<br /><br />Here’s an idea. Merge them into one. Why not? Besides non-occupant co-borrowers and possibly condo financing, they are the same thing! When one changes guides, then the other does.<br /><br />Can you imagine the Billions this would save?<br /><br />Oh, you don’t like that idea? How about getting rid of them both and letting the free market make guides under the auspices of let’s say HUD and let them sell direct and not have the conduit.<br /><br />Let’s all think about it and post comments.

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