Consumer Restart

We have been hearing all the ideas of about how to bailout the banks.<div><br /></div><div>What about restarting the consumer to offset some of these loses?</div><div><br /></div><div>I’m talking about giving a DPB, a Down Payment Bailout!  Give the physical money directly to a title company for the buyer’s down payment of at least 5% (and the borrower must pay back over 10 years). Forget the tax credit, the buyers need the money now that their savings have been affected by the stock market and the job market.</div><div><br /></div><div>Put good stop gaps……good credit, real income, a quality appraisal, but instead of these mumbo jumbo down payment assistance programs, you can tie the down payment bailout to people’s income taxes so they will take it for real!</div><div><br /></div><div>Call Congress, call the NAR, let’s get this idea moving!</div>

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