How a Refi Can Make a Real Estate Agent Money

Rates are back to being real low. I priced a 30 year fixed at 3.5% and a 15 year under 3!

Also, the FHA has lowered their monthly mortgage insurance premium by 1/2%

How can this help you?  Simple.  It’s now an opportunity to contact your previous buyers with something significant.  

We all get besieged by emails and mailers talking about how to plant tulips or favorite recipes.  They are nice, but it does not get anyone excited.

Saving money, especially a lot of money does.  And, YOU are the hero real estate agent that took the time and had the smarts to tell them what’s going on.  

You want your clients to think that you are the housing world expert and that includes mortgages.

Also, this is a great time to ask them if they know anyone who is buying, selling or an agent that may be interested in moving to another company (like yours).

Or, there may be marital discourse and the home needs to get listed.

Touchpoints, sphere of influence.  Bottom line is that this is the most important way to build your business.

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