#Refi Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Those who know me, know I am not a happy all time cheerleader about market.  I am a realist and feeling good about it.

Reality?  Here is todays.  As predicted by me on @CNBC, rates have tanked into a death spiral.  The stock market funny money just could not survive.

Companies does want to hire people when they can automate, the 3D printer will also kill jobs. Add to the oil glut, ebola scares, European economic weakness, VC dudes finally realizing that they can’t give a 15 year old $1,000,000 to do a fart app and bingo, here we are!

I priced a 30 year fixed purchase today and the zero point rate was 3.625%.  Wow…..the low was 3.5% during the recession.

Add those low rates to peaking values, somewhat looser mortgage underwriting rules and you have the recipe for the best refinance market ever…..ever.  We are at the pinnacle of low rates and high values  This just does not happen.

If you don’t refi now, you may never have an opportunity this good ever….ever.

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