#iPhone 6, #iOS8

To the idiots waiting in line since September 3rd, can I check your voter ID?  What?  You won’t wait in line to vote but you’ll wait to get a cell phone?  A phone that does things only a bit better than the one you have.  Wow, you’re life will really change……NOT!

About 85% of the voters in Scotland stopped by the polls yesterday to vote.  LA county had about a 20% turnout for the last elections.  Hello?!?  OK, off topic.

I downloaded #iOS8 on my phone.  Two suggestions.

First on the flip up screen that you can turn on or off bluetooth, wifi, etc., you can’t control the location option.  Hello?!?


Second, they were nice enough to now show you what is draining your battery  (General-Usage-Battery Usage).  Why couldn’t you have made a swipe to close the item that you want to close to save the battery.


Mr. Cook, “it’s the battery, stupid.” If the battery lasted 5 times longer, we would all be in line for 12 days.

Give the people what they want!

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