Does brand matter?

That’s a question that real estate brokers that have a big brokerage say yes and small brokers say no.

The bigger discussion is who is going to be the most effective person to handle your transaction and what back up do they have.

If the person you are dealing with has a great grasp of your needs, able to handle negotiating for you where you get most of what you want, knows how to communicate and have positive relationships with others in the industry, the only you and they need is a back office and leader that follows the same path.

Many times, there are great agents that do a super job but have staff that does not understand that time is of the essence. Also, they have a title or mortgage person they involve in the transaction that does not call people back. Not good!

And when there is a real problem, you have to make sure that the broker of record or the office manager is accessible and knowledgeable.

So, don’t just interview an agent, don’t just go to a company, look at the whole picture and the people behind the people.

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