Everyone has it wrong. Why #Apple is really buying #Beats

Don’t you just love the speculation, the “I have it figured out” noise from all over the web as to why Apple overpaid for a headphone maker?    I’m no expert, but I think I put two and two together and got four instead of 3 1/2.

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Before this announcement, the speculation on new products from Apple had to do with acquisitions of biometric companies.  The world thinks that #TimCook and crew are coming out with the iWatch to measure what is going on inside of your body.

I think it may, but the real place they will get their data to help you is not from your wrist, but through your ears.  When Apple announces their new iPhone 6 soon, I believe that they will also introduce a new type of earplugs that will measure medical items in your body.

It can get your temperature, pulse, heart rate, etc.  But, as in any first generation release, it will be limited (remember the first iPad that had no camera?).  So for it to grow, the oversized headphones from Beat will be able to take in and store more information, have the ability to transmit directly if needed  as Bio-wireless communications.  Imagine the possibilities.

We could have caught Lance Armstrong cheating live!  You won’t have to go to the doctors office when you have the annoying bad cold.  And how about measuring people’s vitals who are on medications or an internal device like a pacemaker.

Fascinating.  And Apple will control it if I am right.  If I am not, please have Tim Cook call me and hire me or I am sure the Apple anti-Christ (Samsung) would be happy to have me.

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