Philadelphia at a Crossroads as Virgin Dumps Flights

My favorite airline, Virgin America has decided that the 5th largest metropolitan area in the United States would be better off being part of a monopoly rather than helping keep costs down and service levels up.

Having offices on the West coast and in Philadelphia, I am one their loyal travelers that defected from U S Scare and their third world version of service.  I was so happy to find that better seats, better attitudes, better food, actual entertainment on long flights actually existed and were available out of the Philadelphia airport.

Now, Virgin has decided that gates in New York and DC are more important than a couple of flights to/from Philly.  Are they freaking Ranger  fans?

So now, the only non-stops to LA are with the likes of US/AA. LA prices will now go through the roof. What’s Virgin going to do about that?  Nothing.  So what should we do? Not send them cheesesteaks? But it’s more than that. It’s an embarrassment to the City.

What should the city do?  Sue.  Mayor Nutter should understand that Virgin is telling the world that Philadelphia is a joke.  Again, people will just disregard the city as irrelevant.  It’s not and the Mayor needs to be pissed.  And while we are at it, the Governor and the sixty five people running for Governor should bind together and start screaming and suing.  If not, just know that business leaders around the world will not see you as relevant, jobs will not appear and real estate values (you knew I would come around to this) will go down.

U S Airways wanted to fly from Philly to China but that got cancelled.  And now that American is coming, they won’t add any new international flights.  If anything, the Philadelphia hub will go go bye-bye the minute they can kill it.

So Philadelphia, want to be known for booing Santa Claus or being a world class city, you decide.

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