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Do Not Call, Do Not Call, Do Not Call

Do Not Call, Do Not Call, Do Not Call

The latest in real estate marketing strategy happened to me this morning.  Lucky me!

An agent that has been with 5 companies in the last 3 years called me today to ask me about the status of a home on Third Street and am I still interested in selling it.

Really?  I’m an agent. I don’t know of a property on 3rd Street that I ever owned. It took him two calls to get it right and he never heard of the federal do not call list.

I know one of the strategies in a large red colored franchise is to do calling (and I am sure that many others do the same thing) but at least scrub your lists, train your people properly and never, ever call me. 🙂

If you do receive an unwanted call, here is the link to report them since it will cost the company $11,000 per occurrence.


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