Stone Age Douchebags

How dumb do you think we are.

Real estate agents now have what are called pocket listings.  It’s when they have a home for sale that is not in the multiple listing system (MLS), even though they signed the MLS agreement to share.

So how do buyers find out about them?  They are usually the buyers that the agent knows.  Therefore, not only are they making much, much more commission without any competition, they are pricing the house at basically whatever they feel like.  They have not put it out to get the seller more money (especially in a hot market where people overpay) but they could be, as nice as I can put it- screw the buyer on the price.

Now, the “listing” agents have a new thing.  This is when someone says to them that they are thinking of listing, but would only sell if they got their price and so the agents are now calling other agents to see if they have clients that would be interested.  Just list the freaking house, goofball.

This was the way things were done before the MLS which was a time around when the telephone was invented….the Stone Age of communications.

Also, there is a new type of buyer and seller that think that they are so freaking cool because they did a “secret” real estate deal.  They can go to parties and tell their friends how important (not really) they are.  These people are known commonly to you and me as douchebags (my apologies to Summer’s Eve).

In the end, no one wins except the greedy dual-agent.

For those of you wanting to list your home, DON”T do a pocket listing.  Get it out there.  You are going to get a better price, better terms, more competition and a better experience.  Oh, and by the way, you’ll be able to impress your friends that you got the highest price!

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