The Flood of Political Reality

Thanks to the Senate and all the people that helped push the Senate to pass the first step of the reform to Biggerts-Waters 12.  Now, the focus is now on the House of Representatives. We need a head count.

There are 180 members that are for the bill that we know. We need 218 votes to approve. That 38 more yeas.After that, the White House is not on board. We need to send to the White House our concerns.

In order to get this through, the WH and probably the House will need to offset the subsidy with other spending.

These are the hard choices that politicians make.  this is where negotiation and diplomacy takes over.  Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana will be earning her stripes to convince her peers and the President that the flood nightmare that affects many, many Americans that can’t afford the new flood bills.

What should we offset in the federal budget to give the flood subsidy? Be prepared for compromise and maybe a loss of a benefit somewhere else.  Welcome to the NFL!

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