It’s Lawyer TIme for Secret Agents

After reading this article and years of thought, discussions with other professionals and my push for consumer fairness, I am considering finding one of my clients that was locked out of a pocket listing to sue.

I’ll put it out here so you will know: agents have secret listings that are not shared with other agents for one reason and one reason only: GREED.

They want to sell and represent both the seller and the buyer and make more commission. This is what is called dual agency. It’s like having a layer represent both parties in a dispute.

Now back to my point. My client AND the seller did not get the benefit of having the home available to everyone that may want it.  It hurts the seller because they are not getting the best price for their home because any and all buyers did not get to see it.

We all are skeptical about no bid government contracts, right?  This is the same thing.

It’s time to squash this and hopefully, you have a client that can participate!  Ping me!

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