You Need a License Ms. Marketing Assistant!

What is it with some companies and people?

I was on Craigslist today searching for a client for an apartment.  I found one I clicked on that had a place being offered by an internet rental broker that does have a company license in PA.

The only problem was, the “agent” listed was a “Marketing Assistant” who was not licensed but advertising that you should contact her to see the place.


This has to stop.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not have enough people to police this.  We need a new way to put these people out.  My suggestion?  A group of professional real estate agents authorized to issue justice swift and painful.

They can be appointed by the commission after a full vetting process.  They would be given the authority to fine and to order public cease and desist orders.

It is just not fair to the public and the quality real estate professionals that this should happen.

And yes, here is the link (if it stays up).  I only print the truth so I have no problem identifying the person and the company:

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