Smiles, Polyester and Polyamorous

Yea, it’s still cool to be able to access the web from 30k feet on @VirginAmerica.  Coffee is clicking, fingers are working, so here goes.

I am on my way to the National Association or REALTORS(R) annual convention in San Francisco.  Yea, it’s where polyester meets polyamorous.

What I am looking forward to is meeting people that I have never met, hearing ideas I’ve never heard and finding foods at restaurants I’ve never ate.

What I am not looking forward to is the smily paid greeters and brainwashed salespeople trying to sell products or services that are going the same way as the Blackberry (yes, I do miss the keyboard).  Because this is a national convention, they must sell to those high and low tech, urban, suburban and rural.  Those with flip phones and the cool kids with their iPhone 5C/Ipad Air and MacAir in tow.

Ah, that’s just the conventioneering thing I guess.

But there will be discussions that will affect how agents work, compete and survive.  Listing syndication, advertising practices and effects of CFPB and FHFA actions on mortgages.

I’ll be posting what I see that’s worth posting, so stay tune kids!

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