Real Estate Agents…Stop Writing, Maureen Dowd Might Get You

Don’t be excited and a worshiper of agents that post frantically on Active Rain, Twitter and Facebook.

The fact that someone posts and posts and posts with regularity in excruciating detail is not an indication of the intelligence, character or success of agents.  Also, most of what they write is regurgitation of items read written by journalists or colleagues.  Maybe they are written for them by a PR firm, maybe they are plagiarizing. But the best is, they don’t write well!

Being personally aware of agents I read that post all the time actually do very little business. Take for example an agent who works at a large franchise in the east that has tweeted over 104,000 times.  Yes, 104,000.

If Twitter had been around since World War 2, this may not be a big deal but Jack, Noah, Biz and Evan loaded it in March of 2006.

Then, there is the agents on AR that have 100,000,000 points (yes, I am exaggerating). No one, not even Maureen Dowd could do that.   The fact is, they are following the old adage of those who can do, those who can’t, teach, or in this case, write.

And then there are the people that comment on every post with such “thoughtful” posts as “Great post, XXXXX.”  Really? How creative.  How time wasting.

Instead of making a Facebook Fan Page that is about you, ex: Sussy Smitheres Real Estate Fan Page like every social media consultant tells you to do.  No one cares.  Seriously.  And your “likes” are your friends.  Make something relevant.  How about a page for spicy food in your zip code and give away a gift certificate for the best post about how to spice a hot dog?

Yes, there are so many outlets to get the word out but it needs to be focused, concise and important.  Stop the madness, make yourself and your thoughts relevant or go to another medium or stop writing all together.  Think about what people want to read, not what you want to write when it comes to your business.

And Martha O’Dell, err, I mean Maureen Dowd, I hereby apologize for the millions of real estate agents that just can’t help themselves.  Their $79 real estate social media consultants told them to do it.  Please direct your anger by pen at them. Maybe you can even find a good story out of them, so come as my guest to the NAR convention in San Francisco in November.  Cable car rides are on me!

And yes, now I am off to work.  No more writing for me!


2 thoughts on “Real Estate Agents…Stop Writing, Maureen Dowd Might Get You”

  1. As usual, your post displays an acerbic wit rarely matched with the possible exception of Maureen Dowd, herself.

    I’m not quite sure what Maureen (or do all her friends call her Mo?) has to do with endless writing by real estate agents and the inane comments that writing elicits.

    It’s an interesting point, though. Writing, poorly or not, is something that Google soaks up. The sites that you mention crave Google Juice.That’s why they exist. Enough Google love means ad dollars or subscriber/member dollars and venues for the Social Media Intelligentsia to hawk their wares.

    I would suggest, though, that relevance is subjective and that there are only so many coupons or art show openings one can display on a Facebook page or anywhere else.

    The endless writing should be the road to improved writing. Practice makes perfect and all that.

  2. As people turn to the web for answers in ever increasing numbers, I see no slow down in the amount of content written by agents or their $79 social media consultants. The facts are there to support their writing, however bad it may be.

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