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Trulia Recomendation

Trulia Recomendation

Thanks to my client for the great recommendation on Trulia.  I enjoyed working with her too!

Lisa: Helped me buy a home

Fred makes looking for the right home a tolerable and at times enjoyable process. Even though it was easy to get discouraged in such a tight market, he kept me hopeful. With a sense of humor and an insightful eye he steered me in the right direction. It was evident that he wanted me to find the right home for me and not just consummate a deal – hence i never felt manipulated. I particularly appreciated that he was my broker and didn’t play a dual role. He is a very good communicator and responded quickly. I strongly recommend him because he embodies solid values and trust was a cornerstone of the relationship. Thank you Fred!

Fri, Sep 20, 2013

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  1. Solid work Fred. You make Realtors everywhere look good with excellent review like this one!

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