Labor Day and Real Estate

Yes, the end of summer is here. Oh well.

As you illegally drink your beers on the beach watching the waves and the younger people dressed in bathing suits, what goes through your mind?  probably not real estate.

But, alas, there are open houses, busy agents and deals being made.  Is this an opportunity time?images

Maybe, maybe not.

This might be the time to go and look at beach property now that you love it there and now that the landlord who owns a place for sale is tired of renters, doesn’t want to fix the place up and may just want to dump it.  Dumping it equals opportunity.

Beach property has been going up in price as the economy has been steady, smoothly, quietly growing, but there are still opportunities to buy right.

So instead of a bad sunburn and a smack from your spouse for oogling, go find a great buyer broker and go look for a bargain.

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