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Is it Over or Will it Continue?

San Francisco real estate prices. A condo under 300 square feet sold for 40% over asking, all cash, quick closing. Questions. Is it dumb?  Is it over? As long as there is money, jobs and demand, you betcha it will… Continue Reading →

FHA Self Employed Guidelines Beg You to Commit Fraud

FHA has instituted a guideline for self employed borrowers that require that they give the lender the two years tax returns AND a profit and loss statement that is for YTD (year to date).

Media Reel

Some fun CNBC highlights from over the years.  Enjoy! Like this:Like Loading…

How a Refi Can Make a Real Estate Agent Money

Rates are back to being real low. I priced a 30 year fixed at 3.5% and a 15 year under 3! Also, the FHA has lowered their monthly mortgage insurance premium by 1/2%How can this help you?  Simple.  It’s now… Continue Reading →

Why Can’t We be Friends? Insurance versus Mortgage Versus Real Estate Brokers

Insurance companies. Insurance Brokers. Love them or hate them….
If you are in the mortgage business, you hate them.

Rates, They Keep on Changin….

Rates, like stock prices, can change during a day. Why? Markets move because of world events, government reports, supply/demand features and just the whim of the market.  The price of the bonds that mortgages gauge are called Mortgage Backed Securities…. Continue Reading →

Get the F*&k Out of My Place

Eviction……every landlord has them.  Tenants don’t pay, they open a meth lab, the property is sold and the new owner wants in……. It is always been a problem, an expense and a pain the you know where. I came across… Continue Reading →

Mortgage Companies Mandating Mortgage Fraud

We have all committed mortgage fraud in the past but we did not realize it. Fannie, Freddie, etc. says that the seller can only give a credit “towards closing costs” even though they are a credit for repairs. Isn’t it silly that we must label it that way?

#Refi Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Those who know me, know I am not a happy all time cheerleader about market.  I am a realist and feeling good about it. Reality?  Here is todays.  As predicted by me on @CNBC, rates have tanked into a death… Continue Reading →

#iPhone 6, #iOS8

To the idiots waiting in line since September 3rd, can I check your voter ID?  What?  You won’t wait in line to vote but you’ll wait to get a cell phone?  A phone that does things only a bit better… Continue Reading →

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