Rates, They Keep on Changin….

Rates, like stock prices, can change during a day. Why?

Markets move because of world events, government reports, supply/demand features and just the whim of the market.  The price of the bonds that mortgages gauge are called Mortgage Backed Securities.

Investors sell mortgage backed securities and buy stocks or visa-versa during the day. This, the price that a lender has to pay to put the loan onto the market goes up and down and they pass the price change on to you.  This way, they make the same amount of money on each loan.

Now comes the consumer delima.  If you talk to lender A in the morning and lender B in the afternoon, they may seem to have different prices but if the market moved, lender A moved with it. Before reading this post, you did not know that is the way it works.

So, now you’ll know to talk to lenders at around the same time to get the best deal.  The Lender from the morning may not have a higher rate than Lender B in the afternoon!

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the person you are talking to, ask them if they can lock that rate/points/fees right then and there. Some lenders require you to have certain information provided before they let you lock.

So, the company that gives you a great deal that can’t be locked, is not a great deal.



Get the F*&k Out of My Place

Eviction……every landlord has them.  Tenants don’t pay, they open a meth lab, the property is sold and the new owner wants in…….

It is always been a problem, an expense and a pain the you know where.

I came across this blog post (see below) that talks about nice ways to throw the bums out!



Mortgage Companies Mandating Mortgage Fraud

Forget about the lawyers, Realtors, sellers and buyers have a new enemy in the real estate transaction.  The mortgage guys.

In an effort to deliver “high quality” loans that are (usually) not sold to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA or VA, lenders get to set their own guidelines are rules for loans.

The bank can say that you can or can’t do something and if you don’t do it, you don’t get the great rate you were promised and locked in to.

Example?  I just had a lender tell buyer (I was on the Seller side) that the washer and dryer are personal property and it must be REMOVED from the contract. If they did not do that, the loan would not go through.

So now, the buyers have “given up” what they negotiated.  And, if we actually include the washer and dryer, are we committing mortgage fraud?

The lender is boxing everyone in to what they want because he who has the gold, makes the rules.

What will they want next?  The copy of the home inspection and every repair done before closing?

We have all committed mortgage fraud in the past but we did not realize it.  Fannie, Freddie, etc. says that the seller can only give a credit “towards closing costs” even though they are a credit for repairs.  Isn’t it silly that we must label it that way?  Shouldn’t we just be able to have a seller credit and as long as it meets the numerical guidelines, just let it happen?

Silliness, yes but the rules are the rules and the banks are making more of them.


#Refi Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Those who know me, know I am not a happy all time cheerleader about market.  I am a realist and feeling good about it.

Reality?  Here is todays.  As predicted by me on @CNBC, rates have tanked into a death spiral.  The stock market funny money just could not survive.

Companies does want to hire people when they can automate, the 3D printer will also kill jobs. Add to the oil glut, ebola scares, European economic weakness, VC dudes finally realizing that they can’t give a 15 year old $1,000,000 to do a fart app and bingo, here we are!

I priced a 30 year fixed purchase today and the zero point rate was 3.625%.  Wow…..the low was 3.5% during the recession.

Add those low rates to peaking values, somewhat looser mortgage underwriting rules and you have the recipe for the best refinance market ever…..ever.  We are at the pinnacle of low rates and high values  This just does not happen.

If you don’t refi now, you may never have an opportunity this good ever….ever.

Fill in the form with your basic info and I will get back to you. 


#iPhone 6, #iOS8

To the idiots waiting in line since September 3rd, can I check your voter ID?  What?  You won’t wait in line to vote but you’ll wait to get a cell phone?  A phone that does things only a bit better than the one you have.  Wow, you’re life will really change……NOT!

About 85% of the voters in Scotland stopped by the polls yesterday to vote.  LA county had about a 20% turnout for the last elections.  Hello?!?  OK, off topic.

I downloaded #iOS8 on my phone.  Two suggestions.

First on the flip up screen that you can turn on or off bluetooth, wifi, etc., you can’t control the location option.  Hello?!?


Second, they were nice enough to now show you what is draining your battery  (General-Usage-Battery Usage).  Why couldn’t you have made a swipe to close the item that you want to close to save the battery.


Mr. Cook, “it’s the battery, stupid.” If the battery lasted 5 times longer, we would all be in line for 12 days.

Give the people what they want!


Does brand matter?

That’s a question that real estate brokers that have a big brokerage say yes and small brokers say no.

The bigger discussion is who is going to be the most effective person to handle your transaction and what back up do they have.

If the person you are dealing with has a great grasp of your needs, able to handle negotiating for you where you get most of what you want, knows how to communicate and have positive relationships with others in the industry, the only you and they need is a back office and leader that follows the same path.

Many times, there are great agents that do a super job but have staff that does not understand that time is of the essence. Also, they have a title or mortgage person they involve in the transaction that does not call people back. Not good!

And when there is a real problem, you have to make sure that the broker of record or the office manager is accessible and knowledgeable.

So, don’t just interview an agent, don’t just go to a company, look at the whole picture and the people behind the people.


More Expensive Mortgages, Sneaky Style

Rural Development has announced an increase to the USDA guarantee fee for both purchase and refinance transactions that will be effective for all Conditional Commitments issued on or after October 1, 2014. The annual fee, which is paid monthly, for both purchase and refinance transactions will be increasing from .40% to .50%. The upfront guarantee fee will remain at 2%. 

So, it means that if you can get through the proctology exam that the underwriting guidelines put a person through now, you are going to pay more because of the people that did wrong behind you.

If the idea is to increase sales, let’s give more people the opportunity to buy in. USDA loans are increasing not as bad as the usury rates with the FHA monthly mortgage insurance (currently at 1.55%).

FHA should make the financed upfront fee higher and lower the monthly payment.  It is a simple calculation that will add more money to the coffers AND help more people buy homes.


us loans mortgage-real-estate-agent


As I wear my mortgage broker hat today, I have found out that Fannie Mae now allows 100% gift for any and all conventional loan products.

Never before have they ever done this. FHA, VA and USDA have allowed it for years.

So, now you can get a 5% down payment loan with absolutely no skin in the game and be underwater.

Since it cost people money to sell their home because of commissions, possible transfer taxes, title, etcetera, are we asking for trouble?The “experts” blasted that this was one of the reasons that the bubble bursted.

And to add another layer, the CFPB under Dodd-Frank is asking the banks to take a “skin in the game” position on any loans they originate.

So if the regulators want the banks to do it but the largest conduit doesn’t require it from the borrowers, all I can see is the lenders getting tougher and the real estate market getting worse.


Could Rentals Kill the Economy

Greed is good.  The rich get richer.

We’ve all heard these expressions but are they right?

Landlords are so excited that the economy is coming back, more people are working and homes are harder to buy because mortgages are strangling the market.

Since there are no more option arms and no docs, people have to qualify for loans. Even without the CFPB overregulations, the housing market is exactly what it would be without the idiocracy of paperwork and restrictions imposed by the government agency.

So, the supply and demand features of rentals have been rearranged.  Everyone needs to live somewhere.  But the $750 a month rental that they had is now $1000.  Why, because they can.

But, if you take $250 out of people’s accounts that they have to spend on rent, that leave $250 less to spend on basic goods and services.  The landlord’s $250 does not go towards less basics but towards either improving the property, savings or a new car.

The $250 times the many, many people that can’t provide adequately leads to a lot of people to beg for increased wages.  And if the owner of the company gives it, it will be passed on to the consumer.

The problem?  You either shut too many people down that will need government assistance causing higher taxes or inflation that will cause interest rates to rise and a slowdown in the general economy.

When anyone raises prices, it is a gamble.  What they don’t usually look at is the effect on the overall economy.  Maybe major companies do, but landlord don’t.

Solution?  Loosen mortgage guidelines back to reality.  Stop all the crazy regulation that was born from the option arms and no docs because they do not exist anymore so that more people can buy homes.

All the CFPB had to do is ban those loans and their job would have been done.

Tenants can sign long term leases so they don’t get jacked after a year.  This makes easier for landlords and tenants to plan.



This Way to Happiness!

Important ideas in homebuying to think about.

The best way to figure if a home will work for you is to close your eyes and imagine your day-to-day life from the time you wake up, make coffee, get showered, dress, eat yogurt, search for your car keys and then get in the car and drive away.

Then, coming home.  You walk in, take off your shoes, have some chardonnay, turn on the music, make dinner, eat, read, take a swim, a shower and read again before bed.  (And yes, you can freely replace any other activities with what I described above).

The bottom line is, this will be the place that will formulate your happiness for years to come and obviously, happiness rules.

Home, Sweet Home.